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Massage FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I buy Soothing Touch?
Please call Customer Service to find a store near you. Soothing Touch can be found in most Whole Foods Markets, Natural Food Stores, Food Coops and many local Massage School bookstores. There are also many online stores where you can purchase our products. Please contact Customer Service for one nearest you to help save on shipping.

2. What is an MSDS sheet and how do I get one for a specific item?
MSDS sheets can be found at the bottom of the page for each product. Many places of business that use
various products require these to be available in case of spills, etc.

3. Where can I get the body butters? 
We are in the process of reformulating these so stay tuned for our new and improved body butters. We
plan to be back out with them soon.

4. How do I find the lot code on a product?
The lot code is a 3 or 4 digit code listed on the product, usually near the bottom edge in black ink. The first number tells you the year it was made and the next three tell you the day in that year. Ex: 2365 would mean December 31, 2012

5. What is the shelf life for Soothing Touch products?
Most of our products have a shelf life of 18 months from the time they are manufactured. Shelf Life is affected by storage temperature, heat, sunlight, cross contamination and whether it has been opened or not. To ensure that the product maintains the highest freshness level, please store them in a cool area, tightly sealed when not in use.

6. How long will it take for my order to ship?
Most orders go out the next day and will take an estimated 5 working days to reach you based on the UPS Ground Policy. If for some reason as item is on backorder, you will be notified.

7. How do I get samples? 
You can call or email our Customer Service Department and they would be happy to send you samples and a catalog.

8. What is Narayan Oil?
Narayan Oil is an ancient Ayurvedic blend of 3 essential oils in a sesame oil base that is used as a topical treatment for muscular and joint aches and pains. It also works well in the bath water during cold and flu season to help relieve congestion. 

9. Where are your products made?
Our products are all made in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

10. Are your products Organic?
Our lip balms and sugar scrubs are 70% organic. We have many other organic products coming out soon!

11. Are Soothing Touch products GMO FREE?

12. The difference between Expeller Pressed vs. Cold Pressed 
It's a good question and unfortunately there are some misconceptions out there. Expeller pressing is actually a very desirable form of extracting oils from seeds. It is my understanding that all cold pressed oils are actually expeller pressed in cold temperatures but not all expeller pressed oils are cold pressed. Certain oils are cold pressed to preserve more flavor when consumed, for example olive or flax seed oil. It all has to do with temperature. Another interesting fact is that in the US, the labeling is very loosely if regulated at all. So when some are saying cold pressed, they indeed may not be at all due to very loose regulations. In Europe this is not the case and the terms have more meaning. For massage and skin purposes, non-chemical expeller pressed oils are very effective and quite healthy for the skin.

13. Do your products wash out of sheets?
Yes they usually do. We actually formulate them to wash out easily but sometimes they can be a bit stubborn. We recommend washing within 24 hours of use and in hot water with strong detergent. Also soaking for a few minutes in the wash cycle can help.


a. How do I know if a product is Nut Free?
All our manufacturing is done in our facility that uses nut oil. We cannot make any guarantees that something is 100% nut free. We do provide ingredients lists which can be evaluated by the therapist, the client or the doctor. We do offer a Nut Free Lite Oil that does not contain any nut oils. We also offer other products that contain no nut oils. But, there is always the risk of cross contamination since our facility uses nut products as well.

b. Is Glyceryl Cocoate (natural water dispersant) something that is considered a nut allergen?
The ingredient is derived from coconuts. Most people have no reaction to coconuts.

Keep in mind: anyone can be allergic to more than one ingredient. We recommend that all therapists require a thorough questionnaire before treatment