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On the Road Again

As the Massage Division Director of Soothing Touch, one of my responsibilities is representing the company at trade shows and conventions. As anyone who travels knows, there’s always the unexpected, like delayed flights or the occasional problem with accommodations and the like, but you just have to take those with a grain of salt and carry on when there’s work to be done. One of the strangest things I’ve experienced was waking up to hear the sound of water suddenly pouring into my bathroom from the floor above…someone had fallen asleep in the bathtub and the water overflowed and came pouring into my room! The hotel took care of the mess and gave me some free meal and drink vouchers for the inconvenience.

The best thing about it is meeting interesting people from all over, making new business connections, and running into old friends and acquaintances I know from the world of massage but don’t get to see very often. It’s great. Gurukirn Khalsa, our National Sales Director and co-owner of the company, does the same in our Natural Products Division, and I know he has the same experience. He’s always posting pictures of the people he meets at the events he attends. You can see a lot of those on our Facebook page…and incidentally, we run monthly contests on our page. “Like” our page and respond to the question, and you might win a nice prize in addition to seeing all our posts and pictures!

One of the most gratifying things is introducing our products to people who have never used them…I love seeing the reactions. Just like my own experience when I first tried Soothing Touch seven years ago (long before I came to work for the company), they immediately notice the difference, and they’re also usually shocked–in a good way–when they see our lower prices.

This weekend I’m heading to the Virginia Chapter of AMTA. In the past few months, I’ve visited the chapters in Georgia, North and South Carolina, Kentucky, and New York. I also attended the Massage Envy Franchise Leadership Summit, the Oncology Massage Summit, and next month, we’ll be heading to the Florida State Massage Therapy Association. Later this summer, we’ll be at the World Massage Festival, and this fall, we’ll be heading to the AMTA National Convention.

So like Willie Nelson, I’m on the road again. If you have an event you’d like for us to consider attending in the next year, send me an email. I look forward to seeing you somewhere!

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Laura Allen joined Soothing Touch as the Massage Division Director in July of 2015. She is a licensed massage therapist, a continuing education provider, the author of 5 massage therapy texts published by Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, and three other self-published books, numerous magazine articles, and has written over 300 blogs about the massage profession. Her regular Ethics column, The Heart of Bodywork, appears in Massage & Bodywork Magazine. Laura lives with her two rescue dogs, Fido and Queenie, in Rutherfordton, North Carolina.

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