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The Most Important Customer

Who is your most important customer? In my paradigm, it’s the one I’m talking to at the time.

We’re all consumers of goods and services. We all want the same thing. We want good value for our money, which is often a different thing from just getting a bargain. We want to deal with salespeople or service providers who are polite, who listen to us, and who are attentive to our needs. I’ve always had a theory about dealing with big companies with customer service that doesn’t cut the mustard–and I’ve said it to plenty of them: “I might not be your biggest customer, but if all your small ones left you, you’d be in big trouble.”

The people who buy our products run the gamut from big natural food chains to small health food stores, busy spas, and individual massage therapists. No matter whether it’s a big supplier or the end user, they’re all important customers. It’s the same with any business. People have a choice about where to spend their money, and they need a reason to spend it with us, or with you, if you’re also a business owner.

We’ve come up with a list of reasons to use Soothing Touch:

1. We do in fact give good value for the money. Our products are priced competitively. Last year, we took the almost unheard-of step of lowering everyday prices on many of our products instead of raising them.

2. Our massage products are excellent for all types of massage and bodywork. Our oils, creams, and lotions are made with the best ingredients we can find. They’ve been tested by massage therapists all over the country, something we do on an ongoing basis whenever we want to introduce a new product…we go to the people who use them on a daily basis to get their feedback, and we listen to it.

3. Soothing Touch is a family-owned company. We’re not owned by some big conglomerate where we might get lost in the shuffle.

4. We’ve been in business since 1977. Since our humble beginnings in a garage almost 40 years ago, we’ve grown to manufacture over 200 products for massage and skin care, including massage products, salt and sugar scrubs, topical pain relief products, and amazing lip balms.

5. We make our products in small batches. That means a fresher product for you.

6. We are a paraben-free company. We don’t have any GMOs in our products. All our products are gluten free.

7. We’re a Certified Manufacturing Facility, certified by the New Mexico Department of Agriculture. Getting Certified is an arduous process, but one that we feel is worth it. We make both organic and non-organic products.

8. We make our products with sustainable ingredients.

9. We don’t test on animals.

10. Our products are made in the USA.

We thank you for using our products. We truly hope you enjoy your experience with Soothing Touch. We welcome your comments, because you are our most important customer. Please feel free to send any inquiries about our products to

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Laura Allen joined Soothing Touch as the Massage Division Director in July of 2015. She is a licensed massage therapist, a continuing education provider, the author of 5 massage therapy texts published by Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, and three other self-published books, numerous magazine articles, and has written over 300 blogs about the massage profession. Her regular Ethics column, The Heart of Bodywork, appears in Massage & Bodywork Magazine. Laura lives with her two rescue dogs, Fido and Queenie, in Rutherfordton, North Carolina.

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