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The Soothing Touch Difference

All products are not created equal. I’m always looking around on the Internet to see what’s out there and do some comparison shopping. Some people find a product or a brand that they like and stick with it, whether it’s massage cream or coffee, while some people like to try different things. If you’ve never tried Soothing Touch products before, you may wonder what the differences are in our products and others.

You might expect me, as a member of the company, to be all about promoting our products and making them sound as good as possible. In reality, I used a competitor’s product for about ten years–out of habit and the fact that it was sold in a school store a couple of miles from my house–right up until the day I won a gallon of Soothing Touch at a convention. I switched immediately. About 7 years later, I came to work for the company. During that 7 years, and since, I’ve tried a lot of other Soothing Touch products. Narayan products became my pain relief of personal choice and for use with my clients. Our Organic scrubs are delicious. I would almost give up soap before giving up our Bath Salts. So what’s the difference? Here are just a few:

  1. Soothing Touch is made in small batches for optimum freshness. We don’t want you to be concerned about receiving old products that are on their way out of date.
  2. Soothing Touch is a Certified Organic Manufacturing Facility. We make both products that are organic, and products that are not, and we do not mislead anyone about which is which. We don’t use advertising terms or product names that imply something is organic or “natural” when it is truly not. We’re an open book. Our ingredients and safety data sheets are on our website for every product.
  3. Our products are completely cruelty-free and free of GMO ingredients, gluten, parabens, microbeads, and phthalates.
  4. We are a small, family-owned company. We don’t have to raise prices because some big corporate office tells us we have to. In fact, we have regularly lowered our prices over the years, whenever we were able to without sacrificing quality.Our staff members take pride in making our products. Everything is made in the USA in our factory in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We take pride in selling them. We hope you’ll enjoy using them.
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Laura Allen joined Soothing Touch as the Massage Division Director in July of 2015. She is a licensed massage therapist, a continuing education provider, the author of 5 massage therapy texts published by Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, and three other self-published books, numerous magazine articles, and has written over 300 blogs about the massage profession. Her regular Ethics column, The Heart of Bodywork, appears in Massage & Bodywork Magazine. Laura lives with her two rescue dogs, Fido and Queenie, in Rutherfordton, North Carolina.

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