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Mixed Case Ayurveda Body Lotion


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Mixed Case Ayurveda Body Lotion
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Contains two (2) each of Tuscan Bouquet and High Desert Sage and one (1) each of Island Coconut and Lavender Lace 8 oz Ayurveda Body Lotions.

Applying a blend of balancing, moisturizing ingredients to the skin may help the body's elements stay in balance, and help support the overall health and beauty of the skin. Soothing Touch Ayurveda Body Lotion contains a unique blend of oils for a balanced Ayurveda experience. Ayurveda has been practiced for thousands of years in India and beyond. It is a system of holistic health remedies based on balancing the body.

Apply our unique Ayurvedic Moisturizing Body Lotion daily, as often as desired. Use it to moisturize your face and full body; concentrating on exposed skin.