Soothing Touch Lip Balm {Review}

"I had not heard of the brand Soothing Touch until I visited the new Lucky’s Market store in Iowa City. It was on sale at the time so I decided to try one flavor of lip balm. I don’t recall how much I spent on the balm, but they are quite the steal at two bucks online at the Soothing Touch website ..." Read More >>

Soothing Touch Lip Balm: yummy, nourishing, toxin-free, vegan and organic

"Ever tried a ‘vanilla chai’-flavored lip balm? How about ‘lemon cardamom’? Raise your hand if those sound like awesome lip balm flavors! Well, those are, in fact, two of the three Soothing Touch lip balm flavors featured today on this natural beauty column ..." Read More >>

What Are the Best Lip Balms for Winter?

"I could feel the Soothing Touch Lip Balm tamping down the inflammation in my lips almost immediately ..." Read More >>

Product Review: Soothing Touch Lavender Bath Salts

"Getting to sleep lately seems to be so difficult for some reason. I think it is because my mind is always full of thoughts and my body is restless. However, taking a hot calming bath in Soothing Touch Lavender Bath Salts before bedtime now seems to be helping me get to sleep a bit easier ..." Read More >>

Review: Soothing Touch Products

"The Chocolate Peppermint Body Scrub smells so delicious! I used this scrub to scrub my feet and legs, I let the oils soak in for a minute or two, and then rinsed off the sugar, and then shaved my legs ..." Read More >>

Soothing Touch Massage Oil, Lotion, and Cream Review

"I received a free sample of a few of Soothing Touch’s products after responding to a request for volunteers to sample their new lotion.  I love looking at and trying massage products ..." Read More >>

Soothing Touch - Lip Balm - Vanilla Chai

"This is the best lip balm I have used to date ..." Read More >>

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