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Nut Free Lite Massage Oil

Soothing Touch now offers a rich, Unscented Nut Free Lite oil blend that moisturizes and at the same time, allows for all different types of body work without using nut oils. If you suffer nut sensitivities and yet need a high quality oil blend that will allow you to use oil, this ones for you! Carefully blended in small batches in our Santa Fe, New Mexico facility. Sunflower Seed Oil - Helps retain moisture, tests show it may help provide protective barrier against infection. Rice Bran Oil - Rich in Vitamin E, a strong antioxidant, widely used in Japan as a beauty treatment, helps provide smooth spreadability. Jojoba Oil - Closely resembles human sebum, very moisturizing. Grapeseed Oil - High in linoleic acid, has regenerative properties, excellent overall skin moisturizer, especially for the face.