Soothing Touch

Exceptional Products for Massage, Spa and Home

Soothing Touch began around 1977, in a small garage in Los Angeles, California. The late Yogi Bhajan (Founder) was a Kundalini Yoga teacher and master from India who had moved to the West to teach yoga, meditation, and healthy eating habits. His students were from all walks of life, and they were learning how to live the life of a householder and maintain their yogic lifestyle in an ashram / group environment. In their quest to find a way to support themselves, “Yogi Ji” provided them a collection of ancient Ayurvedic formulas for oil blends that had been used for centuries in India. He knew the value of a good oil blend for the body and the coming need and popularity of the massage and holistic markets in the US.

So began the business of Soothing Touch, very simply, with hopes that enough money could be generated to live on. Little did they know that the business would not only provide a small but steady income for a group of young, eager, starry-eyed yoga students but also one day provide over 200 natural, high quality massage and spa products for therapists and customers around the world.

Soothing Touch continued to grow and prosper. They moved to Eugene, Oregon and expanded their product offering to include Ayurvedic creams and lotions, topical pain relief gels, body butters, then organic sugar and salt scrubs. The scrubs quickly grew to become some of the fastest selling items of their category in the US natural retail market.

Fast forward to December of 2006, Soothing Touch was sold to the current owners and the business was relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico - the Land of Enchantment. A new production facility was established and offices built from the ground up. What was about to take place was the rebirthing of a long forgotten hidden jewel, Soothing Touch. Once the dust settled, the team was organized and we began the process of helping Soothing Touch realize its true potential.

In our first 6 years in Santa Fe, we have introduced many new items including Bath Salts, Organic Lip Balms, Versa Crème for Massage, Desert Blossom Collection, Narayan Balms, Basics Oil, Lotion and Cream Collection and more. We have put in place many new production procedures that include energy saving and resource sensitive practices. One which will conserve water and recycle over 300,000 gallons per year! We have also updated equipment to more energy conscious and efficient models. We have recently become a Certified Organic Manufacturing Facility by the NMDA. We now produce both conventional and organic products.

As we continue to grow, we look forward to the many challenges and opportunities ahead. We are working on some very innovative products, more “green” production practices, and reaching an even larger audience around the US and the world. As a family-run business, we work together as a team, value good customer service, have some fun and understand the importance of creating a high quality product at an affordable price.


Member of American Massage Therapy Association and National Products Association. Proud sponsor of Liddle Kidz, Massage Therapy Foundation, Task Force Dagger Foundation, the Touch Research Institute, and Florida State Massage Therapists Association.