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Soothing Touch is active in the Natural Foods and Massage Therapy fields. We have experts that stay on top of new trends and contribute regularly to online and print publications.

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View our uploaded videos as well as play lists for Company Info, Product Info and Reviews.

Massage FAQ

Soothing Touch is in touch with Massage Therapists and we are happy to answer questions about our products and how best to use them.

Massage Modalities Grid for Soothing Touch Products

This comprehensive grid provides suggestions for Soothing Touch use in many Massage Modalities.

Protocol for Soothing Touch Products

Written by a LMT, these protocols are for use with Soothing Touch Herbal Heat, Herbal Ice and Body Scrubs.

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Massage Schools who participate in the Partner Program receive up to 60% off Education Use Only products.

Soothing Touch Brochures

These sheets are low-resolution versions of our printed Massage and Natural Brochures.

Sell Sheets

These sheets are low-resolution versions of our printed Product Sheets.

Safety Data Sheets

All Soothing Touch products have undergone testing and the results are in these SDS files.

Organic Certification

Our Organic Certification is ongoing with the New Mexico Department of Agriculture.

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